ENLISTED - Fridays at 9PM on FOX

Enlisted is a comedy about three brothers, each soldiers in the U.S. Army, who find themselves stationed at the same rear detachment post in Florida. Despite what FOX marketing may lead you to believe, this is not just a show about three white dudes getting up to hijinks while wearing camo. There are female friendships! POC characters who aren’t tokens! Cute sibling relationships! And , yes, also camo-clad hijinks! Enlisted is both hilarious and adorably heart-warming.The only bad thing about this show is its time slot, which I choose to blame entirely for the fact that you haven’t watched it yet! Never fear, I’ve gathered links for all the episodes here! I’ve also tried my best to rearrange the episodes into production order to eliminate annoying continuity errors (Did I mention that FOX has been a real bag of dicks about airing these in an order that makes sense? Well, they have and it sucks.) Enjoy!

1. "Pilot" [watch]
2. “Rear D Day” [watch]
3. “Pete’s Airstream” [allmyvideos] [vidbull]
4. "Parade Duty" [watch]
5. “Brothers and Sister” [watch]
6. "Randy Get Your Gun" [watch]
7. "Vets" [allmyvideos] [vidbull]
8. "Homecoming" [allmyvideos] [vidbull]
9. "Paint Cart 5000 vs The Mondo Spider" [allmyvideos] [fox.com] *NEW*

[I will update this post as future episodes air. I tried to use only firedrive (the artist formerly known as putlocker) links, but couldn’t find them for every episode. If any of these links breaks or if you find a firedrive link for the episodes I couldn’t, let me know!]
[Edit: all of these episodes can also be streamed on the Fox website and, while I’m not sure they actually keep track of those hits the way they do DVR viewings, it’s another option]


”When people see you they say ‘there goes a brave soldier’. When people see me they say ‘look, a lady one!”’

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So a boyband walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and everyone thought they were going to sing One Direction or something typical…and then they sung Stars from Les Miserables.

This is the best thing ever. Just listen to those harmonies <3

EVEN SIMON STANDS. Also they are called “Collabro”. You don’t expect Stars from a bro band. I love it.

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